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This exquisite book will be treasured by anyone who has ever lived in, visited, or imagined visiting New Mexico - The Land of Enchantment. 

These examples of the unique, idiosyncratic vernacular architecture of the American Southwest are the true organic history of the state. Many of these iconic structures are gone now, but they live on in the work of photographer Robert Christensen, who has been capturing them since the early 1970's.

Beautifully printed on the finest 80# Hammermill smooth matte paper using a full color process to bring out the rich tonality of the original B&W images, this 11" x 8.5" paperback will be a cherished addition to the collection of any lover of photography.  

New Mexico Vernacular: Artifacts of Enchantment contains 70 prints of the places that reflect the character of the individuals who built them. A short text designed to enhance the viewing experience accompanies each image, and there is an Index containing information about the buildings, plus camera data, and precise GPS coordinates for those who would seek to witness for themselves.


The Introduction by David Gustafson, PhD, provides deep insight into Christensen’s creative processes, and the Preface by Christensen himself offers a look into the life path that brought him to his artistic objective.

From Dr. Gustafson's Introduction: Since the early 1970's Bob Christensen has been quietly travelling around New Mexico photographing that state's largely unnoticed little nuggets of vernacular architecture for his own pleasure and amusement. He never needed more of a reason than that, which is how art should be. Too many artists these days put their energies into attracting attention rather than giving voice to their souls, and even worse, more and more of them abjectly trivialize their talents by trying to make political rather than personal statements. Bob never cared about any of that – he has simply used his medium to express his affection for these unique and delectable artifacts of human endeavor. For decades his exquisite prints hung on his own walls, viewed only by himself and a number of close friends, never ordained for exposure to the outside world. It was just something he did for himself, and I have a tremendous respect for that. In my opinion he is to photography what Steve Hanks is to water colors, what Anders Zorn is to etchings, and what David Tutwiler is to steam engines. This is an unpretentious and utterly enjoyable body of work. It needs to be seen. 



Inquiries about ordering copies of NEW MEXICO VERNACULAR  may be made by email using the CONTACT page in this website. Retail cost is $50 plus $5 shipping. 

Here are four samples of the book's contents:

Louie's Sample.jpg
Frisco Store.jpg
Mora Window Sample.jpg
Vado PO Sample.jpg