Q:  So, how's it going?

A:  Well, still on the right side of the grass. Nice of you

      to ask...

Q:  So, are those images shown here all you've got?

A:   No, there are actually over 200 of them. The book

      contains the cream of the crop, but more will be added

      as we go along, including some non-architectural

      subjects, also not included in this book.

Q:  So, can I buy a print if I want?

A:  You betcha! Check out the CONTACT page.

Q:  So, how about that amazing book? Can we purchase

      one of those, too? Please say yes...

A:  Yes! But please make sure your hands are clean, and

      also you have to promise to fully absorb each image

      before reading the facing text. But basically, yes.

      Check out the CONTACT page to order.