THANK YOU so much for visiting this site. If you wish to purchase a print or a book, or have any comments at all, please use the contact form below, keeping in mind what your mother taught you about being nice. All contacts go directly to Bob Christensen, not some half-acre spread of buzzing cubicles filled with cheerfully uncaring public relations operators. As far as making any purchase is concerned, Bob feels he can personally handle a few per month without a lot of hired help, or even a "Store" page. 

ALL IMAGES on this site are offered as signed and numbered limited editions, in any of a number of formats including traditional 8x10 (nominal) images printed on 11x4 matt surface acid-free paper with high-quality inks for the greatest permanence possible. Other sizes are probably available, including large (up to 36") stretched canvas pieces. Just ask. 


PRICES will typically be in the $80-120 range for paper prints, and $250 to $400 for canvas, depending upon the size. These are museum-quality inkjet prints (please don't say giclee), as close as possible to archival quality. Keep them out of direct exposure to sunlight or other UV sources. If you cover the paper prints with glass or acrylic glazing or keep them in acid-free storage boxes, and they should outlast you and your grandkids.

THE CAPTIONS are added to the thumbnails for identification and will NOT appear on the actual print. 


TIM PRYTHERO also signs the Composite Prints, so it may take a few days extra to find him, put a pen in his hand, and point to the print. He is an absolute genius, but his time is in demand and he is just a little difficult to corral sometimes.

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